Optimized Structural Performance

Since 1994, Creative Composites has been involved in the development, testing, and production of lightweight composite armor systems to defeat various threats. Since 2005 we have been producing composite structures used in fielded production vehicles that have actually seen battle.

Whether it is using our experience to assist a customer in developing and manufacturing their own armor system, or developing a system to meet a given threat (or range of threats), from handguns to EFPs, our approach is the same – The best armor in existence is of no use if it is too expensive to be put in the hands of those that need it.


Our computer simulation of ballistic events allows us to rapidly try different architectures before making costly investments in tooling and materials.

We have industrial partners that utilize proprietary processes to result in net-shape ceramics of 98% theoretical density and complex geometry without expensive consolidation processes and grinding.

We also understand that the components of Composite Armor need to work together, and how they are put together affects the overall system performance.


  • MIL-DTL-62474
  • MIL-DTL-64154
  • HJ1
  • UL752-3A

Creative Composites also produces various other structural and non-structural systems for Standalone, B-kits, and spall liners.

Our development has included solutions to defeat STANAG 4569 Level IV at state of the art areal densities.


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